(616) 502-2164 [email protected]

253 Jackson St #3 Grand Haven 49417, MICHIGAN



Portside Condominium # 3 Garage Entry




Please call 911 and provide the address for any emergencies. For any other questions or concerns you may have, you can reach Fred  Riebel @ 616-502-2164

Email  [email protected]

A fire extinguisher can be found under the kitchen sink in case of a fire related emergency, as well as the garage. Please note, there is absolutely no smoking allowed in the Condo or on the 2nd floor exterior deck. Maximum overnight occupancy is 7 people. Please treat and respect this home and all neighbors as if they were your own. As a reminder, checkout time is 11AM. Due to high occupancy rates, this policy is strictly enforced. Renters will be issued a $100 fee for every hour the house is occupied after this time.

To unlock the garage  door, place 4 fingers across the keypad until numbers illuminate. Type in the 4 digit code previously provided. Remember to press the Enter button after entering the four digits. Upon exiting, place four fingers across the keypad and the garage door will lock automatically., be certain to secure front door lock and all windows, slider etc..

If the WIFI is not working, check the cabinets under the living room TV to make sure the green light is illuminated on the  WIFI box. If the green light is off try unplugging and replugging in the power cords. To turn the living room TV on or off, press the “ON/OFF” button on the black SPECTRUM remote.  Remember to log out of anything you have logged into before leaving!


Please bag and deposit all trash in the external trash bins located in the garage. This includes all garbage cans in bathrooms. Trash pickup is by  housekeepers. And will bring trash bins to the curb and return them midday Monday.  Be sure to close the lids on the trash bins. 

Due to the nature of a condo house, the condo will probably get sandy throughout your stay.,possibily from Lake Michigan beach visits. There is a vacuum in the house, so you can clean as you see fit during your stay. Please try to leave the house tidy similar to how you found it. Bath towels are located in each bathroom. These towels are not to be used on the beach. Beach towels are not provided.

There is a grill located within the garage. Please clean the grill after each use, and be sure to turn the yellow gas valve off before leaving the house.DO NOT GRILL INSIDE THE GARAGE ;NO EXCEPTIONS

All kitchen and cooking items have been provided.

Please enjoy the AC make sure windows and slider are closed when in use.

Looking for something special to do while you are here? Grand Haven and Ottawa County principally know for its Lake Michigan  Beaches, Entertainment District, Farmers Market, Shopping you are minutes away from strolling to/from.., and so much more.

We recommend looking for fun activities on https://www.michigan.org. Some of our favorite place: The Toasted Pickle Burzurk Brewing Co,C2C Gallery,Splash Pad, Butches Burritos, GH Pier, Marushka Kelwins, Notos on the water

Checkout is at 11AM unless previously specified. Due to high occupancy rates, we cannot accommodate late checkouts, and must charge $100 per hour for guests remaining the the house after checkout time.


1. Double check that you have packed all personal items.

2. Please be sure all remotes are near their respective televisions ○ Black Spectrum remote/tv remote- living room ○ Black Spectrum .,master suite

3. Close and lock all windows and doors

4. Remove all food from fridge and cupboards, wipe down all fridge shelves with Windex. ○ You will be charged $100 for left behind food

5. Strip all beds

6. If time allows, start a load of bed sheets in the washing machine ( use only washing product provided)

7. Remove all garbage & make sure garbage bins lids are close securely

8. Write about your stay in the  guest notebook on the living room table!